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Sunday, March 27, 2011


In my basement are two pristine Mavic GL 330 rims that I bought last fall to be built into a set of race wheels.  For a variety of reasons I couldn't find a good set of hubs to build them up and I ended up getting some carbon tubulars instead.

When I first got into cycling in the mid-90's, this Mavic logo was commonplace.  At that time most wheels were still hand built and used Mavic rims almost exclusively.

This weekend I rediscovered these rims, and with them some motivation for a new project.

More to follow...


  1. If those get cut up, or made into some art piece; I will be incredibly pissed.

  2. Definitely not getting cut- they'll be built into my cx race wheels. I'm modeling the art work for my t-shirt and zip hoody run on that decal.