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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Addicted to Euro Sheen

Since I've been back I haven't been motivated to do much of anything.  The weather has been March-like, which means it's erratic with temperatures bouncing around, snow melting and gritty roads.  It's also accompanied by a general sense of malaise.

The saving grace of spring is embrocation.  It's really a simple trick to pretend you're warm in otherwise miserable conditions, a sort of artificial performance enhancer like Red Bull for your skin.  Embro is one of the things that skiing doesn't have, and it's one of the semi-secret things that Europhiles use a mark of pseudo-pro distinction.  We can't all be fast, but we can feel fast.

I wouldn't really say I'm still motivated to ride until the temperature warms up a little more, but I do really like applying a generous coat of embrocation before I head out the door.  Its performance effect is imperceptible, but its motivational impact is immeasurable.  It's one thing I can look forward to about this time of year.

For now I'll enjoy the little things that come with riding this time of year, like euro sheen and just being outside on my bike.

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