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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trapp's Photos, Saturday

As you can see from my broken ski picture from Sunday I have been skiing.  HAD been skiing, more accurately.

Here are some shots I took over the weekend.  It wasn't all bad.  The skiing was actually quite good.  

The parking lot on a normal winter day.  Despite the cars more often than not most of those "skiers" are hanging out in the lodge.  If you know where to go you can quickly get away from the people who do make it out onto the trail.

My mobile service course, aka my trunk.  I brought both the Atomic World Cups and the Madshus Hypersonics  It was pretty soft, so I started on the X3's.  

The skate lane was groomed but soft, so a measured effort with a focus on gliding was the order of the day.

Looking back across Skater's Waltz where it crosses the road.  It was a pretty nice day. 

Every time I see this road I think it would be cool to ride on...perhaps as part of my Hampsten?

The same road, going up towards the lodge.  This is the back way that most GPS navigation systems send tourists.  This part is pretty tame, but it gets twisty and steep before too long.  With summer tires or god forbid in a rental car it can be a harrowing ride.

Ironically enough I had a semi-miserable classic ski day on Thursday.  During that time I mulled the idea of becoming a skate-only guy and skiing with the biathlon club on classic weeks.

So what's ironic about that?  While the skating was marginal and slow the tracks were absolutely pristine.  At the right of the frame you can see some classic skiers.  It looked to be a mother-daughter pair and they parked right next to me at the lodge.  The mother clearly didn't like me, perhaps because I was skating on a day that clearly better for classic.  She gave me the stink eye every chance she got. 

In the nordic world people who only skate can be treated like second-class citizens by the purists of the sport.  In cycling terms it's like a 50 year old ex-racer who rides a Nuovo Record equipped lugged steel bike and looks down his nose at everyone who rides a nefarious carbon bike. 

It was a pretty good day weather-wise.  Remarkably it was clearer at Trapp's than it was at home.  How often does that happen?

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