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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mediterranean

Today was a 100 mile, 3 Col day around Toulon, Grimaud and St Tropez.  This picture was taken overlooking Grimaud.  French President Nicola Sarkozy's chateau on the Mediterranean is a small point that sticks out into the water outside the frame of the picture. 

I didn't notice it at the time, but the Grass Moots team jersey is pretty close to Mediterranean blue.  

Here I am with our Swedish friend Matthias.  We're debating whether it's better to pull in nose first versus backing into parking spots.

Here's my power profile.  I was pretty much pinned the whole time, and had to really turn myself inside out to make it all 100 miles.

Whole. Lot. Of Nothing.

We stopped around mile 80 for a baguette and a Coke.  I inhaled both.


  1. Shoot. Looks great. Looking at 20 inches on the ground and more coming!

  2. Somehow I'd hoped that I might come home to melting snow and be able to ride...but that just doesn't look very realistic.

  3. Nothing of the sort. So much snow, my nordic center shut down for the day. Serious. THey were getting the piston bully stuck!

    5 hours of shoveling so far, and heading out for round 2!

    When do you get back?

  4. I shudder to think what the house/yard/driveway situation will be upon my return.