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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hampsten

Maybe this is the weekend that I finally make it happen.  

I read Will Frischkorn's Velo News Fresh 'Korn segment in 2009, and since then I've been preoccupied with the workout he describes in this post. 


When Boulder resident Andy Hampsten was preparing for the Giro, one of his winter workouts was to ride his mountain bike up to the local XC ski center and then go skiing.  The ride was mostly uphill, and on a mountain bike the speeds were low enough to stay warm.  

Trapp's is a reasonable ride away, and it's perched atop a sizable hill.  I happen to have more knobby tires than I know what to do with, and several bikes at my disposal.  The yet-to-be-released Moots Psychlo X RSL would be perfect for this, but I'll have to wait and save for a few more months.  

Winter of 2009/2010 I even put together a beater mountain bike with the express purpose of riding in bad weather.  On my few test rides I hated the bike and sold it shortly after I got it built. 

With any luck this is the weekend that I can make it happen.  It's mainly an issue of lining up the logistics with favorable weather conditions so that I don't freeze on the bike portion.  Making this happen requires a staggering amount of gear, and if I can put it all together I'll be sure to write it up. 


  1. That ride just to get to Traps seems like it would be a pretty good workout (assuming you can dodge the tourists from NY skidding down the hill in their SUVs with summer tires).

    Sounds like you would bring the skis with you one the bike? Epic!

  2. By the way, does anyone else think 'The Hampsten' sounds like a english-style breakfast at a 24 hour roadside diner?

  3. I'm sure there are other guys who've done combo workouts to get through the winter, but I admit the name isn't very enticing. As much as I like Thor Hushovd I have to say that naming anything "The Hushovd" makes it sound like some sort of Scandinavian Dirty Sanchez.

  4. What do you think, turns out I have a free entry still.

  5. Oh boy. That would either be super rad or it would wreck my season, but probably nothing in the middle.

    I think I'm more likely to do 6 hours of Pat's Peak the week before instead. That way I can have a couple drinks to celebrate Eddy Merckx's birthday (actually it's my birthday, too, but I'm far less famous) and not feel bad about it.