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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moots Monday- Psycho-X in Winter Regalia- Updated

They're taunting me. 

On the Moots blog you can find this picture taken of the bike path in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I just saw Jon's response to my comment on the moots blog about this, and it's not an RSL proto but in fact a Psychlo X SL that's been recently redecaled.  I'm not sure whether I feel better or worse about it being an older, discontinued but more exclusive model.  The cool factor is still there for certain and although it's not branded as "race stock" equipment it carries a certain cache much like the older Mavic rims with SSC etched into them.  

Here are my original comments below.  Perhaps I'm so hung up on the new RSL line that I'm projecting them onto every silvery-looking handmade bike that I come across.


They don't call out the bike in the picture, but my suspicion is that it's another shot of an RSL Prototype.  In my mind that's the perfect 'cross bike, and an amazing winter bike.  In some ways owning a bike like that is like buying an Audi S4 for a winter car, but the reality is that the RSL is well suited to rough roads and impervious to rust and corrosion.  Admittedly you could argue that an aluminum frame has a similar resistance to salt and that it's the components that really take the beating.

What's so bad about a new hyped up RSL putting in winter mileage?  On the surface, nothing.  Except that I have a new Mooto X RSL 29 er hardtail on order that's from the first ever production run that's due to arrive in about a month.  Obviously I'm super excited about that bike, but the issue is that I'm already thinking about my Next Next bike.  It's as if my Next bike is already in the rear view mirror.


  1. I am still on the fence on flipping my moot-x for a phyclo cross with fender mounts for vt touring!

  2. Could do- if you relocate to Winooski you could flip your car instead and have bikes. Just a thought, though it's not one I could make work even though I walk to work myself.

    Skiing this weekend? Perchance Crafts-burg or maybe Ole's?