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Monday, October 18, 2010

Uncle Sam Grand Prix - More Photos

This is right after the semi-sketchy transition from pavement to slick uphill where I was always worried about denting my rims.

The run up. It looks flat, but I assure you it was pretty steep and very slick. If I look like I'm slow in the picture it's because I was slow in real life.

Standing up to get on it. This was one of the may corners that had an uphill exit. In an effort to maintain speed I stayed in the big ring, which of course meant some extra effort to keep it rolling.

More camera tricks. This was a 90 turn. Is it possible that I'm in the right position, setting up wide to apex the corner, and dare I say looking pro?

This shows some of the serpentine lower section of the course. It was fast, slick and challenging on both days.

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