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Monday, October 1, 2012

Enzo's Embrocation

One of my favorite parts of fall is embrocation, and this year I'll be using the Oil Stick and Embro Stick from Enzo's.  I've been using Enzo's chamois cream for the last couple seasons with positive results so I decided to give their embrocation line a shot.

Traditionally embrocation is used for cyclocross and road events when the weather is cold and damp.  It's a little less popular for mountain biking, but I'll use it for any ride when I know I'll only be cold for the first 20 minutes during my warm up or if there's a good chance I'll be splashing through puddles.  It also looks incredibly pro.

The Oil Stick is for wet conditions between 55-70 while the Embro Stick slots into the temperature range just below that of 45-55.  Both have a unique dispenser similar to a large chap stick container which makes application fairly quick and neat.  Also included are some thin latex gloves for applying the embrocation and the best removal instructions I've seen anywhere.  There's one more Embro Stick for temperature ranges below 45 but I'm still in denial that it will be cold enough to need that for a while... 

The Oil Stick provides subtle warmth and is good when you want just a little bit of extra warmth.  Contrary to the name it's not super slick or greasy and has consistency similar to chap stick.  It's generally subtle but noticeable and works very well within its claimed temperature range.   

The medium Embro Stick is my favorite, and during a very wet 2.5 hour road ride on Saturday it did a great job of keeping my legs warm without feeling too "peppery."  It's definitely warmer than the Oil Stick and I wouldn't use it if it's warmer than 55-60, but it's a nice addition to rides that would otherwise be cold, damp and miserable. 

More than anything this stuff smells amazing, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do.  For more info check out www.enzoscyclingproducts.com/. 

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