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Monday, October 15, 2012

Miscellaneous Bikes

In no particular order are some bikes I've virtually stumbled upon and thought were cool.  

First up is from the Sfatto facebook page.  Not sure of the manufacture, but the frame is slick, modern carbon with suitable box section training wheels, deep drop bars, a slammed front end and a super cool retro SRM.  Understated and completely purpose-built. 

This Moots Pscychlo-X RSL (lifted from the Moots fb page) is another great example of the best builds being a mix of new and old.  The lastest PX RSL sports the 44 mm headtube and PF30 bottom bracket like most ti race bikes, but the older and still awesome Dura Ace 7800 build and unidentified non-machined rims mean that this setup wasn't a single order of QBP's latest.  The Paul chainguide has been custom anodized to match the blue decals, tape, chainring bolts and hubs.  There has to be some sort of reducer to make that crank fit within the massive PF30 shell, but I can't readily tell what it is from this image.

This Cannondale SuperX was featured on a Norwegian blog which I've just discovered.  Its author has a penchant for lightweight and mostly carbon components and published these pics of his tuned Cannondale SuperX.  In these images it's setup for road duty with 39/53 chainrings and road tires, but it's a very cool and very light setup.  'Cross bikes often look weird as road bikes, but this seems totally legit. 

Last up is from recurring favorite Spooky.  Lifted from their tumblr site this is a customer's bike that's been setup for 'cross racing.  The orange looks sweet with the skinwall tires and silver rims, and upon closer inspection you'll notice the ISP, Quarq-equipped crank, single chainring and SRAM X0 rear derailleur.  'Cross bikes need to be a blend, and I like the offroad ISP along with the power meter/single ring combo.  Eclectic without being hokey or contrived.

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