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Friday, May 27, 2011

Moots Mooto-X RSL 29er


  1. Looks great, and laid back, fork still set @ 100?

    What does the BB measure out to?

  2. Still at 100, believe it or not. The fence background makes it look a little slacker than it really is.

    The measurements don't quite match the spec- at 80 mm travel on paper I was going to have very little stand over clearance, yet at 100 mm there's still enough.

    I've only ridden it once, but so far it's been remarkable- composed and responsive without being twitchy or sluggish. Front end stiffness and steering is impeccable.

    You should take it for a spin, but only if you're ready to order one for yourself.

  3. And I'll measure out the bb height for you.

  4. Sounds like some of my "issues" are solved.

    I really want one...
    ....1X9, niner carbon tapered fork.....

  5. The tapered steerer requires the lower race to be external, which moves the stack height up another 8 mm. I opted for the standard steerer so I could run the full internal 44 mil standard headset. With a regular QR dropout and it's been solid so far.

  6. I've made some updates to the build. The saddle is now a Bontrager RXL Evoke 148, and the handlebar is Bontrager RXL carbon low riser.

    On other bikes I've run the Ergon GX1's, but I thought I'd try the GA1's on this rig. So far I'm pretty happy with them.