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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Tungsten Electrode

What you are looking at is a ghost. 

The Tungsten Electrode was a highly touted and much anticipated full suspension rig from Indpendent Fabrication featuring a DW link rear end and an in-house titanium front triangle.  Keen eyed readers will notice that this particular specimen is most likely steel and not ti as evidenced by the downtube gusset.

If we can date the bike by the build I'd say it's probably about 2-3 years old as 970 series XTR ran from late fall 2007 to fall 2010.  I'm not normally a Manitou fan, but the color looks great against the green decals.  Also the white LeMond road saddle looks totally at home and adds a subtle sense that style and performance matter to the owner.

Jason said that this was the best mountain bike he'd ever ridden, but sadly it was never produced.  If you see one take a moment to appreciate it from afar, or better yet politely ask the owner if you can ride it.

Most likely this picture will be closest that many of us will ever get.


  1. I would gladly trade any of my rides for that.

  2. It is pretty cool. Now that 4 bar and VPP aren't the only games in town there have been some cool alternatives like Niner's CVA and the DW link that small builders can access.

    This bike may have just been ahead of its time.

  3. Is it wrong that I want to get back onto 26ers?

    Ride sunday, road?

  4. Ha! You say that as I'm (hopefully) just days from building up my first 29er race bike.

    In spite of all the pressure to change I've been very happy with my 26" wheeled YBB. Before I got that I couldn't go a full season on a single bike, but with various part configurations it's been my only mountain bike until 2007.

    Sadly I missed your post- but I did get 3.5 hours on the mtb in Stowe. Next weekend will be some big road miles though, so stay tuned.