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Friday, February 17, 2012

J Bailey Cycling Cap

People have strong opinions about what a cycling cap should or shouldn't be, and how it should or shouldn't be worn.  For me it's an on-bike piece of clothing, so if I'm wearing one I'm either riding or about to be.

As a cyclist I definitely have a fair number of cycling caps in my collection. My new favorite is indisputably the handmade J Bailey that arrived yesterday.  The design is simple black with a Tricolor visor stripe that appeals to my Francophilic tendencies.  

The cut is a pretty basic three panel that fits smoothly under a helmet.  The material is cotton, but has a nicer feel than any other cycling cap I've ever worn- and with my shaved head there's a lot of hat-on-scalp contact.  I would describe it as the difference between this and a normal cycling cap to be like the difference between a high quality ringspun cotton t-shirt like an American Apparel and a Hanes Beefy-T.

What I really like about this cap is the visor.  Most visors end up being too long when they get pushed down by a helmet, but this one is the right length to sit just at the top of my line of sight across the upper edge of my glasses.  It's out of the way but still provides some protection from the elements.

Another benefit of the handmade, small production approach is that there are sizing options beyond the usual one size fits all that's usually on offer (has one size ever really fit all?).

If you ride a high end, handmade bike why not wear a high end, handmade cap?  For more information or to buy one visit his Etsy shop.


  1. Well that's just hot. Reminds me of some old Rossignol skis my sister passed down to me.

  2. And you know where I get that Francophilia from...

  3. After several rides this spring this hat has become my go-to option.