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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Skiing

It's February, and amazingly it's one of few days we've had where the conditions have been conducive to decent skiing. 

Last weekend was a total bust.  Saturday started with a short and very icy ski, then a very windy and equally unfulfilling road ride.  I was determined to get a decent workout in somewhere, so after three hours of driving I had 20 minutes of very slick, muddy riding.  

And then there was yesterday.  After snowing much longer than expected we were treated to almost a foot of new snow.  

Spinney and I took his Subaru up to Trapp's, and I was encouraged to bring a helmet for the "rally". 

A friendly landmark.

We took the back way up, and it was as amazing as it looks in these pictures. 

Parking lot with a view.

Right outside the touring center the trails were in pretty good shape, and as the groomers made the rounds they got even better.  Out skiing around we bumped into local fastman Jake and fought to hang with him for the next two hours.  After finishing top 20 in the Stowe Derby earlier in the day he was out to get some more time on snow.  Any other year that would be odd, but considering the conditions were the best they've been in six weeks. 

Spinney getting ready to pin it.  His Garmin wrist computer stopped counting accumulated ski time when he stopped moving so it had a very pessimistic view of how long we actually skied.  I was ready to throw that fucking thing in the woods about halfway through.

No pics of Jake- I was too busy trying to keep up or get some tips on handling the numerous off camber, twisting or rolling sections where I seem to lose speed.

There's the top of my hat covered head, just to prove I was there.

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