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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Summer Flashback- Enduro Prep

Earlier this week I was deleting pictures off of my camera when I stumbled across this shot of my second drop bag that I prepared for the Vermont 50. The tech bag is the same one I used for the Hampshire 100 and fortunately I didn't need the chain lube, rag, CO2 inflator, tube, patch kit, spare chain and duct tape for either event.

This is an example of my mania for cycling details, and I can partially thank/blame my father for that. My Dad taught me to always be prepared, and that planning eliminates fear. After a broken chain nearly derailed my '09 Hampshire 100 campaign I decided to prepare for it this time around.

I also packed a clean pair of sunglasses and set of gloves in each drop bag, which in retrospect were unnecessary and added time to the rest stops. It was awful nice to have clean shades and dry gloves, though.

The key thing was the Chomps and the bottles filled with dry GU Electrolyte brew. Those two fuel sources kept me rolling for 7 hours, and without them I wouldn't have made it. Last week I was taking inventory on all of the fuel I used in training and racing, how many tubs of Brew drink mix and bags of Chomps I stuffed in my mouth, and it was too many to count.

One of the first things I learned about cycling was to always have enough food and warm clothing. On long rides that means stuffing my pockets full of supplies, but fortunately at the races I can use drop bags. Next time I'll skip the spare sunglasses and gloves though.


  1. Is this also the Trick 'R Treat platter at the Pro35 household? If so, I'm dressing up next year.

  2. We've never had good luck with trick-or-treaters, and poor offerings could be part of the problem.