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Friday, February 11, 2011

Does This Mean That I've Arrived?

This week I decided to search for this blog through Google, and I was amazed at what I found.

No longer does my blog show up after a couple pages of 35 mm camera links, but as the first option when you search for "pro 35 blog".
Truth be told, my father-in-law gave me the idea to start searching for pro 35.  He had forgotten the url and was trying to find it, but couldn't.  Since then I've made Google search results a pseudo-benchmark and something to strive for.  

Does this mean that I've arrived, or just that I've been active enough on the interweb to have Google recognize my existence?  Hard to say, but regardless I'm psyched about it.  Earlier this month I passed another milestone- 2,000 unique page views.  Not a huge number, but considering I didn't even start this project until mid-September I'm pretty happy with it.  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going through the season when I have real things to post about like training, racing, my new bike, and so on.  This is a one man, part-time show, but it's been a great creative outlet for my cycling geekitude.  In the process it may have even helped my marriage.  No longer is Carrie inundated with incessant cyclo-centric banter; now it's just intermittent.  

Maybe you've stopped by because you're a bike geek like me and are starved for online cycling content in the wintertime.  Maybe you've stumbled upon these pages because you know me, or have raced with me somewhere along the way.  Maybe you are a closet nordic geek and don't want to admit it to your alpine-centric friends.  Regardless, I appreciate the attention, and thank you for stopping by.  

More to follow...

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