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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Wife

So this weekend was the return to winter as we got some steady snow much to the relief of the local resorts. Saturday was a trip out to Craftsbury and today was skiing at Trapps.

This week Trapps went from having 3k to 37k open, and today the skiing was great. All of the pictures I took came out looking like you'd expect- idyllic scenes of snow falling on a groomed trail, and they were pretty unimpressive.

What is impressive are the pictures of my wife snowboarding at Tuckerman's Ravine last weekend.


  1. Sweet! Did you do Tucks too? Looks like the bench tuning was a success. But where are these unimpressive idyllic scenes of Trapps?

  2. The sun is out right now, and with any luck it still will be when I get my ass in gear and get up to Trapps today. I did take some pics yesterday and posted them and if I get any good ones today I'll add those to the mix. The conditions have been great the last couple weekends, but since it's been snowing so much you can't see any of the scenery.