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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Workout Report- Skiing at Trapp's

For nordic skiing on the East Coast it's hard to beat Trapp Family Lodge.

Saturday morning this is what I saw out the back door- sun and a foot and a half of pristine snow. By the time I got my act together and made it up to Trapp's it had clouded over and started snowing.

I made two trips to go skiing yesterday- one with poles, and one without, which meant that I was ready to go in the parking lot then realized I was missing my stupid poles and had to run home to get them. After spending the morning removing decals from my YBB and packing up two sets of skis I was distracted when I was loading the car and left my poles on the front porch. Dammit.

When I finally did get there with poles I was glad I made the effort because it was pretty incredible conditions. All 100k (63 miles for the metrically challenged) were open and buffed out.

Heading down Telemark towards Foxtrack.

Skater's Waltz near Johannes' driveway.

This is the part of the descent on Skater's Waltz just after the driveway. It looks flat but it's a pretty quick drop then a sweeping uphill into a slow curve.

I opted for the Madshus Hypersonic C3 today. In my quick tests they were running better than my Atomic World Cups with the same wax. The C3 is their powder ski so the flex and sidecut and are palpably faster in soft snow. Generally I go for the Atomics since they are lighter and better on packed snow, but it's always worth it for me to take a couple minutes to see what my best option is before heading out.

The Hypersonics have a flex rating decal on them, and if you look closely you can almost read the part where it says "these are good skis if you're a fat fuck."

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