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Monday, November 22, 2010

Moots YBB X0 10 Speed

Here it is after I got the 10 speed kit installed. I went for the all black version of the X0 kit with the exception of the XX crank which I chose for its narrower 155 q factor. I also went for a KMC X10SL-Ti chain which has performed amazingly well in my brief tests.

The ti frame is very subtle, and the black gruppo adds to the understated nature of the bike. The two things that pop are the white Ergon GX1 grips and my gold KMC chain. I've also gone with some alt placement for my pro-35 stickers which hopefully doesn't make it look hokey or overdone.

My initial impressions of the group are very good. I went for a couple short rides over the weekend and had to relearn the gear spacing. The 2x is great for racing, but I'm still figuring out which gears to use when I would have normally been in the 32t middle ring up front but have to choose a 26 or 39 up front.


  1. Something about the Ti frame, gold chain, and matching sliders on the fork that make it look like a classy barcalounger - comfortable, thoughtful, and dignified. If Walt Whitman was a MTB'er (which seems plausible), this would be his bike. You should get some brown or gold grips when the old ones wear out.

    Those KMC chains are indestructible. After busting several SRAM and Shimano chains (so much so that a chain tool was 'highly necessary' on every ride, I tried the KMC X10SL three years ago and have never broken one..

    Nice stickers? Do you have a jersey design yet?

  2. Jerseys would be rad, and with enough momentum I'd get some ordered. I had a mostly black and white design with orange and yellow stripes.

    I can't believe there's not more buzz behind the KMC chains. They are noticeably better than everything else out there.

  3. The gram counters out there will be pleased to know that this rig as it sits (minus computer and flat kit) is 22.7 lbs. with pedals.