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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lunchbox Has Landed

Yesterday my first shipment of race fuel arrived from GU.  I wanted to call this post something like "It's GU-Mas!" or maybe "OMG-GU!"  Thankfully I was able to refrain.  That could have been embarrassing.  

It was a very heavy box full of Chomps, trademark GU gels and varieties of Brew for exercise and recovery.  Here's a peek into the second layer.

Race food is something that's easy to take for granted, but paying attention to my nutrition has really helped improve my performance.  There is a short list of things I consider my semi-secret weapons, and GU Brew Recovery is one of them.

My spirits were slightly dampened by the state of the box upon its arrival.  Most of the time my packages arrive in pretty good shape, but this one looked like it had suffered unnecessarily at the hands of the delivery company.  Surely these fellows must get packages themselves, and they would want them carefully shepherded while in transit, no?

Fortunately everything in my box is sealed from the elements and made it through the luggage chucking gauntlet unscathed.  GU-Mas will be going ahead as scheduled.

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