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Friday, April 8, 2011

Spooky On the Brain

Recently I've been obsessing over Spooky bikes.  I don't own one and they don't sponsor me, but I've seen enough of them to have an appreciation for their no-frills race-oriented offerings.  They're made in the US, offer a solid price/performance ratio and have a very unique and almost geeky company feel.  The decals are also variable in both their placement and design, which contributes to simple anodized aluminum bikes looking very different from each other.   

In no particular order here are some Spooky bikes that I've been drooling over (all pics jacked from Spooky's Flickr pages or their site).

Here's a Skeletor owned by one of the Clif bar team riders.  Understated and with the tried-and-true red/white/black color scheme.  Sram Red really looks sharp and although normally I don't like the mismatched hood/tape combo I think it looks really good on this bike.

Another Skeletor, blacked out with Campy 10 speed and a Time carbon stem.  Very cool.  I really like the purple tape, and I'm not normally a purple fan when it comes to bikes.

Sticking with the black theme, here's a Supertouch CX rig.  The semi-goofy pastel decals look sharp with the black frame, black cockpit and the white hoods/tape/saddle.  Rev WW carbon hoops accentuate the fact that this probably owned by somebody who races a lot and still pays for his own stuff.  I'd be psyched to race something like this in the handful of CX events I'm likely to enter this fall.

I'm not sure whether or not one of these is in my future, but I can certainly appreciate them regardless.


  1. Agreed on Spooky bikes! Love the "no-frills" aspect, these frames are all about the business! I have never owned an ALU road bike (I started riding in the 'carbon age'), but these are damn tempting...

  2. I remember Cannondale being a similar all-business race bike back in the 90's when all of their bikes were still made in the US. At that time nice road bikes were still steel and carbon was untrustworthy. Cannondale was never as eccentric as Spooky, but their form follows function approach is similar and they share an East Coast racing heritage.

    At the end of the day I think it's the raw utility and performance that I find so appealing.