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Saturday, March 26, 2011

And it Begins...

These Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 carbon riser bars are the first part to arrive for my new Moots Mooto X RSL.  I was pretty happy with the Iodine bars on my YBB, so I decided to go with this slightly lighter and lower rise version for the RSL.  Weight is always a concern, and it can undermine many of the advantages of using bigger wheels on a race bike.  The YBB is under 23 lbs and I'm hoping to get this to be about the same with a similar light but durable build that can survive 6-8 hour endurance events.     

Over the next month I'll start posting more details about the build with pictures of new parts as they trickle in.  It won't make the bike arrive any quicker, but at least I can share my anticipation.

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