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Friday, September 17, 2010

Review- Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses

While I'm on a sunglasses kick I'll review the Rudy Project Genetyks. They're a fairly new model and were featured by some of the athletes during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, not to mention the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia.

Rudy Project has a great customer service reputation, and through my sponsorship support I've gotten several scratched lenses and cracked frames repaired or replaced promptly and for small dollars.

The Genetyks are Rudy's updated take on the popular single lens sport shield style that traces its lineage back to the Oakley Razor Blades. The Genetyks offer adjustable temples and a great soft rubber nosempiece that allows a great range of adjustability to fit many face and nose shapes. The frame runs across the length of the lens and provides a stable platform for the interchangeable lenses.

One of the interesting features about the Genetyks is that the nosepiece is attached to the lens, not to the main frame itself; every replacement lens has its own nosepiece attached. This nosepiece is an easily overlooked feature, but for my wide face and comparatively narrow nose bridge it means that I can comfortably set up these glasses so that they fit comfortably.

I've used these glasses in most conditions and I have to rate them among the most comfortable eyewear I've ever worn. Although they're heavier (and more durable) than the Sport Masks, their sturdy frame fits more securely and they don't move around in rough terrain when other are inclined to rattle. The interchangeable lenses allow for condition-specific protection and the rigid plastic carrying case keeps them all securely together.

If I had to choose one pair of glasses to take on a trip these would be tied at the top of my list with the venerable Freeon. The Genetyks offer an updated take on a classic sport style and pack enough features to make them worth a long look if you're in the market for high performance glasses.

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