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Friday, July 20, 2012

Keeping it Local: Eastern Cup This Weekend

In a series of posts I've rambled about having great form and poor results simultaneously, so I've decided to change my tact.

Last season I felt like I wasn't able to capitalize on being in great shape and was painfully close to making a breakthrough at the races.  This year I feel like I've improved on that fitness and am riding smoother yet I haven't been able to tap into that fitness on race day.

Wednesday Worlds races have been great this year, and I haven't done any endurance races since Whiteface.  I hadn't planned on doing the Eastern Cup 6 Hour race at Catamount this weekend, but since I know I can race well there and it's a good distance for me I'm going to go for it.  

Part of my problem may be going too hard midweek and being tired on the weekend, so with the idea of competing this weekend I decided to pull out after 2 of 4 laps at Catamount this week.  I was riding with a good group- pretty much the same handful of riders I'd been mixing with for the last few weeks.  

After I pulled out I rode back to the start, and as the leaders rolled by I pulled off the trail to watch and started my stopwatch.  As leaders rolled by I saw how small the gaps were and was motivated to see that I'm improving, and although there's some hard work to do to keep that momentum I'm getting closer.

And this weekend I'm going to keep it local.

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