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Friday, July 27, 2012

Assorted Bikes and Friday Ramblings

It's been a rough week.  

Sunday was the Eastern Cup 6 Hour race at Catamount.  I can't find any good pictures or much time for a formal write-up, but I'll have that together shortly while it's still semi-relevant.

The short version is that I had an awesome race.  Bounced around in traffic a bit on lap 1, but settled in and rode steady for 8 laps and a 13th overall finish in a very strong field.  I beat some guys I've been gunning for all season and closed the gap on a few others.

Monday night we had an intense rain storm, which triggered a string of all too familiar feelings and reactions, all of which were bad and very much blown out of proportion.  As a result I ran around filling holes and just generally panicking, which is bad pretty much always.  

I had planned to try to race two weekends back-to-back, which is a tall order but possible with optimal rest and recovery in between.  I've had neither and am still formulating my weekend plan.

This week has also been tough at work, and I'll spare you the details.  I've spent a lot of time on the phone, and that means my mind is inclined to wander to thoughts of bikes and riding.  Here are a few images that I've stumbled upon this week. 


Late 80's LeMond.  Not sure of the material- looks to be aluminum lugs, but it's definitely not organic enough to be a Calfee.  My guess is that it's a LeMond/TVT from around '88-'89.  Totally dig the paint.

At the other end of the drop bar spectrum is this 2013 BH disk equipped carbon cross bike.  Wow.  I thought disks for 'cross were hokey...until this.  Same goes for the tubeless wheels.  Very svelte and shapely package.  This was posted on the BH FB page.

Also from the BH FB page is French Olympian Julie Bresset's hardtail race bike.  I can only imagine that this decked out carbon sled weighs comfortably under 20 lbs.  Carbon wheels and the ISP give it a very purposeful, race-only vibe.  Also a 1 x 10 XTR drivetrain with a KMC X10 SL Ti chain.  This looks fast sitting still. 

 I've posted pictures of this particular Fat City Shock-a-Billy before, but I think it bears re-posting.  I really like lilac paint with the fork and stem to match.  The mismatched headset and different color shift/brake housing really don't bother me either.  Maybe this is because boutique full suspension bikes are on mind since my MX Divide is scheduled to arrive any day now. 


 Enough said.

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