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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Workshop, Summer Mode

It's spring, so usually this time of year there's a balance between cleaning, setting up for summer activities, putting away winter activities and general cleaning up.  This past week I put in a fair bit of time to get the basement switched over to summer mode- bike projects await.

Last fall when we remodeled we made some changes to the basement as well.  We added several more overhead lights, some outlets and another switch.  My workbench got cleaned up and the shelves got a fresh coat of paint. 

Here it is in summer mode with the bench vise in place and the ski tools put away.  It's amazing how much quicker I can get things done when I have a clean workspace. 

My tool cart, tool chest and workstand.  I keep them out of the way until I need them, but it's nice to be able to keep tools on the cart work surface and the project on the bench.  Somewhere I found that damper cartridge so it's hanging out while I figure out whether or it will be worth keeping as a backup for my SID.

The rollers and TV are there too in case I get rained out.  It's a small house so the space gets used for a lot of different things.  After I finish installing the slop sink I'll post that as well.  It'll be great to to be able to rinse out muddy gear right before I throw it in the washer.

Riveting stuff, I know.  But this is where all of my bikes get 97% of their attention.

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