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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Week in Pictures

It was cold this week.

Saturday's ski was a short and uncomfortable 45 minute jaunt at Trapp's.  It was about 6 degrees at the house and about 3 degrees up on the trails.  
I got out for a run during lunch on Wednesday.  It's not riding, but it's safer when it's icy.  

It was cold but crisp, and I had the back side of the River Road to myself.

There was ice on the road, and it was starting to form on the river.

Still working on the self portrait.  Somehow I always look angry or confused.

I enjoyed my time outside and followed up with a 90 minute roller ride after work. 
That makes three weeks in a row of double session Wednesdays.  I feel like my fitness is starting to come around, and if I'm going to qualify for Leadville I need to raise my game so that I can be fit enough to ride a fast 100 miler in June. 

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