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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Stuff- Enzo's

Last season I started using Enzo's chamois cream and found it to be to my liking.  It's domestically made from all natural ingredients and reasonably priced, and in my mind those attributes make it an appealing option.  I'm not going to offer a chamois cream review, but I will tell you that I log a lot of miles and this has become my new favorite. 

Recently Enzo's has expanded their product line to include some embrocations which I'll also be using this season.  The small white jar is a sample of their medium embrocation, and in addition to smelling awesome it provides some solid heat.  So far I've only used it in some limited indoor tests in my cold basement while riding the rollers, but I'll definitely put it through its paces when I start riding outside again.

If this winter continues to be mild I might slather on some embro and get a jump on my mileage.  June isn't that far away.

For more information visit www.enzoscyclingproducts.com.

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