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Friday, September 30, 2011

Moots Psycho X RSL

So I don't own a Moots Psychlo X RSL nor do I have one on order.  After looking at these pictures of the recently released version that could change though.

At last year's Nationals the Moots guys showed this prototype. 

The most notable difference is that this earlier version has a standard 1 1/8" headset while the newer ones have gone for the 44 mm inset as seen on the Mooto X RSL.

Moots has also developed a new carbon cross fork that's painted to match the brushed titanium finish.  I've been riding the road version of this fork and it's been pretty good so far. 

The fork features the option for a crown-mounted cable stop which is a proven way to cut down on brake chatter.  If you're still running cantilevers then this is the preferred option for brake routing, but it'll be interesting to see what's available as companies are able to offer more sophisticated disc brake solutions. 

The frame is offered with or without disc tabs, but the fork is currently cantilever only.  With the brake options still being in flux I'm thinking I'll wait a little longer to see what SRAM comes up with for 2012- short of the cable actuated BB7 I don't think there are any viable options without ungainly adapters. 

I even like this one with a black saddle and tape- and that's saying something.  

So yeah I really want one, and for now I'm telling myself that the disc issue is the reason to wait (forget that I have neither time nor money to spare in my new "home renovation" courtesy of interiors by Irene).  I'm hoping to race for Moots again next season, so maybe this will make its way into my stable during summer of 2012.

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