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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fat City

Retrobike had a contest recently to decide the best Fat City paint job.  I'd forgotten how cool those bikes are so I decided to feature some of my favorites from their contest.  I don't own any of these, and I wish I did.

This was the clear winner of the contest, and I have to agree.  The blue/green was carried over to some IF race bikes in the early 00's and I'm really fond of it.  

Lilac.  I had the chance to get a pink panther colored Gunnar cross bike and I chickened out.  Now I'm thinking that if I got a questionably colored bike I'd go with this instead. 

Green and red without being Christmasy.  Bad ass.

It's not the Tungsten Electrode, but it's a pretty sweet steel front end suspension bike.

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