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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding My Way Back

I got out for my first post flood ride on Monday.  After assembling the requisite clothing, helmet, glasses and repair kit I got a late start and rolled out from our temporary home in Stowe.

One of the positives of our current situation is that we are in a beautiful setting with incredible road and offroad riding right out the front door.  I often drive up to start my rides less than a mile from where we're now staying.  If there's a silver lining, this is it. 

After two plus weeks of cleaning, sorting, scrubbing and excessive drinking my fitness was underwhelming, but if I'm being realistic my season ended when the village was evacuated.  Now I'm just doing it because I enjoy it with no aspirations, goals or expectations beyond the simple enjoyment of riding. 

The tables have turned and instead of a long ride being the day's main activity I'm now being realistic about when and how long I can get out.  This week hasn't been good, but I'm going to try a mix of mid-day rides during the work week and some early morning spins on the weekend. 

A friend has generously offered to help refurbish my bikes.  With his help I should be able to get back on the trail as early as this weekend.  The RSL was only slightly affected and is no worse off than it would be after a muddy race.  The Redline is going to take considerably more attention, and at the moment attention isn't something I can spare.  The frame is fine, but all of the cables, housing and bearings need to be replaced; the shifters are of particular concern.

I can't wait to get back in the woods.

I miss it.

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