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Friday, June 22, 2012

Automotive Inspiration

I've hinted at my automotive affinity with some pictures of random roadside vehicles and the latest round of GTI t-shirts, so here's a full-on automotive post.

In many ways the automotive world leads the cycling industry with style and colors.  These are all cars that I find intriguing for one reason or another. 

Porsche 904- a benchmark for the German racing giant.  I just love the lines of these cars, and considering what other cars looked like in 1965 it was ahead of its time.

There were only a few hundred of these made to comply with regulations that the car had to be in production and available to the general public.  Most of the pictures I've seen are of silver cars with cool accents like the tricolor stripe above or the red hood shown below.

Also from '65 is this Type 65 Coupe.  Technically these are Factory Five kit replicas, but they share the same body style and layout as the original.  Here again I like the retro racing and stripe/number paint.  

And seeing this makes me think my next round of Pro-35 shirts should be gray and orange...

Ford GT40.  Somehow this lonely American supercar has been all but forgotten, but at the same time the pony car thing was happening in the US Carroll Shelby put together the GT40 that won Le Mans in 1966.  This is from the 2005/2006 production run of the new version which also was entirely under appreciated at the time.

Another new GT40 in understated race livery.

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